Another bill on Hours Of Service & ELD got introduced in Congress- Only 5 months left in Mid-Term elections

The bill has been introduced by Rick Crawford (Republican-Arkansas), Sanford Bishop (Democrat-Georgia) and Bruce Westerman (Republican-Arkansas) has four important components.
The most recent bill to be introduced in Congress dealing with Hours of Service and ELDs takes on directly what appears to be an increasing consensus that the area most ripe for change is now the 14-hour rule.

*Cutting down on the amount of documents which have to be produced by drivers”to only check the beginning and end time of a motorist’s daily on duty interval”

*Exempt drivers distributing agricultural and livestock products out of the HOS rules is that they are present within 150 miles of this way to obtain what they are hauling. FMCSA recently announced new guidance for that activity.

*Exempting short haul drivers out of ELD mandates if they operate”only” within 150 air miles of these reporting location, while being limited by 14 hrs.

At this late period in Congress, using midterm elections only five months off, few observers expect any legislation seeing anything–including trucking–to complete the process and become law is very low.

As per your statement of service issued by the American Trucking Associations, the announcement will”accelerate(electronic ) the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s already-in-progress efforts to provide flexibility in how drivers who simply take off duty periods in sleeper berths split their rest time”

Another provisons from the suggested laws, according to the ATA statement on this, are as follows:
FMCSA has been that specific in showing what it is referring to in the excursions which regularly feature the primary administrator, Raymond Martinez. Still, a focus in these talks reportedly has been to seek the ability for a driver carrying a lengthy rest break and using a truck’s sleeper berth–like in a several-hour detention–to block the 14-hour clock.” Resources stated the addition of this language in the Crawford proposal could be a sign that talks on this issue are warming up, and also a judicial repair may be considered alongside some other regulatory variations.

This narrow and concentrated relief would improve the lifestyles of tens of thousands of professional drivers and we ask Congress to encourage it.”

Most intriguing is the fact that it attempts to place legislative funding behind a continuous”listening tour” that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is running to study the effects of ELDs and potential alterations to the HOS rules.