“I am very sympathetic to ELD issue” says Secretary Elaine Chao

Discussed with Secretary Elaine Chao during a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing the WhiteHouse’s infrastructure proposal, a few lawmakers raised the ELD mandate. Chao’s answer to calls from Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, to look into more
elastic hours-of-service regulations might be defined as impartial at best.

That the mandate is “making our shared aim of re building our infrastructure that far tougher.” The Texas representative called ELDs counterproductive as a result of inflexible enforcement of hours-of-service regulations. Babin said drivers are made to drive
throughout times of high congestion, even inclement weather so if they are tired or fatigued. Chao testified through a House T&I poll on Tuesday Hearing examining the infrastructure proposal of the administration. Although nearly all questions handled issues specific to representatives’ districts, several concerns were mentioned, including funds and the ELD mandate. Chao went on to describe the Department of Transportation is “very
much constrained by the law” and told Babin she will “look forward working with you.”
Concerned about the issues surrounding the ELD

Babin told Chao that ELDs are “hurting the economy” and “Hours of service is actually a issue,” LaMalfa said. “We want flexibility about this. We need flexibility that basically works for the drivers as well as the people who are trying to do so and get it done well.”

If they can possess her commitment to work with Congress to explore other 19, mandate, Babin asked Chao. Chao’s response:In addition to Among the many topics At least four committee members addressed questions with the ELD mandate to Chao. Babin’s questions to Chao addressed that the ELD mandate as a whole, even though the majority of the concerns employed specifically to this bunny waiver. Rep. Doug LaMalfa, ” R-Calif., shared Babin’s concerns, saying that “one size does not fit all” in regard to ELDs.

LaMalfa encouraged Chao to expedite the bunny exemption request as time is running out. Her answer? “I am very sympathetic to the issue.”

Currently, livestock carriers have been under a 90-day waiver which finishes. The livestock industry has requested a five-year exemption, however, it has yet to hear back on it from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration inspite of the fact that the movie business has already got its own exemption.