Uber Freight Plus is now live

New program provides fuel card through Comdata and maintenance discounts from Navistar. Uber Freight is launching a new program this week called Uber Freight Plus that intends to reduce operating costs , mainly via fuel, upkeep, and cell telephone service discounts.

Via the charge or pre-funded Uber Freight Fuel Card — that is powered by Comdata, a FLEETCOR company — active motor carriers and their drivers can save fuel, maintenance, and tire purchases at Travel Centers of America, Petro, and also Roady’s truck stops, in addition to at Goodyear truck tire centers.

“The Comdata-powered Uber Freight Fuel Card, an integral component of the Uber Freight Plus program, may help trucking organizations of all sizes save big on key operational expenses, like tires and gas,” added . “We’ll continue to collaborate with Comdata to match the growing demands of these trucking businesses.”

From the coming months, ” Uber Freight said it’s going to “continue to add new spouses, discounts and services into the app” to create “much more significance” to the expanding network of busy app users.

“We are kicking off Uber Freight Plus with four initial deals,” the organization noted in a blog article. “This really is an app that provides our program users access to discounts on solutions we know they need, so that they can run their company the way they need  –  no matter their size. With this program, we’re bringing a completely new degree of opportunity to active carriers along with their drivers, at no additional cost to them”
The Uber Freight fuel-card, powered by Comdata, includes big savings on gas, upkeep, and 30% off Goodyear tires. Via Navistar, busy carriers can get a mean of 20% to 50 percent off truck maintenance, a few $16,000 of customer value on the purchase of a brand new truck, and up to $4,000 rebate on purchasing a truck. Via Sprint, active motor carriers can get reductions on the monthly phone Program and accessories
The partnership with Navistar “offers active Uber Freight program carriers exclusive and meaningful discounts on both maintenance and purchase of a brand new or used truck,” the organization added. “That will help trucking businesses expand the lives in their trucks as well as scale their fleets more efficiently.”

Bill Driegert, Director of Uber Freight

Uber Freight said fuel can amount to 34 percent of a trucking business’s costs, with tires and maintenance together adding up to another 10%. “All these important costs are still an endless struggle,” the company noted. “While some bigger businesses can offset these expenses by negotiating bulk discounts, most need to pay for complete price to keep their trucks on the road.”

“it is a natural fit for us since both businesses are adapting to help charitable companies, big and little, run and grow their own companies,” explained Greg Secord, president of Comdata united states Trucking, in a statement. “We’re thrilled Uber Freight has chosen Comdata as their fuel-card partner of choice and look forward to working closely together.”