Volvo Trucks’ New VNX Series is Heavy-Haul’s New Heavy Hitter

Volvo Trucks’ rocky, yet elegant fresh VNX series is currently available for purchase. Constructed especially for the requirements of heavy-haul trucking operations, the Volvo VNX chain packs the capability and functionality necessary for demanding applications like logging, heavy equipment transportation, and long combination vehicles. The newest VNX series is the most recent measure in Volvo’s revitalization of its North American merchandise scope, complementing the newest VNR string for regional haul and also the brand new VNL string for extended operations, both released mid-2017.

“We’re excited to bring the new VNX to the heavy-haul market and we know that it will live up to the expectations of those doing heavy, hard jobs,” said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “Volvo Trucks in part built its reputation as a global heavy-duty leader by knowing how to deliver heavy loads in far less than ideal road and weather conditions.”

The rocky brand new Volvo VNX collection is offered in three cab configurations. Even the VNX 300 daycab offers muscle and maneuverability for neighborhood heavy-haul programs. The newest VNX 740 includes a 70-inch sleeper and most Volvo’s newest inside enhancements, which makes it the ideal instrument for heavy hauls over extended distances.

Encourages Gross Combination Weight Tests (GCWR) interval from 125,000 to 160,000 lbs. Ratings of around 225,000 pounds can be found with program approval and proper elements. Lift axles steer axles, tridem drive axles, and slides help fulfill a array of weight reduction requirements.

“The brand new VNX is your ultimate mix of Volvo’s contemporary, aerodynamic layout and pure self-improvement functionality,” explained Chris Stadler, Volvo Trucks North America merchandise advertising director — regional haul. “From finishing, each characteristic of this VNX is developed to stand around some heavy-haul project you throw at it. Improvements are simple to see through the VNX such as the bumper, axles, suspensions, flying, power train, and much more.”

Available in 6×4 tandem, 8×4 tandem, along with 8×6 tridem settings, the Volvo VNX provides a broad selection of heavy-haul elements to ensure it’s correctly spec’d for the job. Front axle ratings range from 16,000 to 20,000 lbs using parabolic springs. The VNX can be obtained with up to 445 tires to accommodate front axle load capacity. Available rear axles range from 46,000 to 55,000 lbs and the premium rear heavy-haul suspension ranges around 52,000 pounds. Dual steering gears offer excellent maneuverability while beneath a heavy load. The imposing VNX provides an higher ride height to accommodate greater articulation and front ramp angle, even whereas the VNX bumper includes a heavy-duty tow pin and center tow framework that equalizes compels to the chassis.

“The functionality and reliability of this Volvo D13 motor was shown through countless miles and about job sites all over the globe,” said John Moore, Volvo Trucks North America merchandise advertising director — power train. “The Volvo D13 motor with 500 horsepower, 1,850 lb.-ft. Of torque is a monster and the ideal pair together with the Volvo I-Shift using Crawler Gears for severe heavy-haul jobs” Volvo’s brand new VNX series can be available with as much as 605 horsepower and 2,050 lb.-ft. Of torque, supplied from the Cummins X15 Performance Series engine also paired with the Eaton Ultra Alter Plus or manual transmission system.  The typical power train package for your newest Volvo VNX is a Volvo D13 motor with 500 horsepower and 1,850 lb.-ft. Of torque, paired together with the 13- or 14-speed Volvo I-Shift using Crawler Gears automatic manual transmission.

Setting the Safety Standard

Like most Volvo models, the newest VNX series taxi is constructed with stainless steel and surpasses the Volvo Swedish Cab Safety Test along with ECE R-29 construction requirements. Volvo Enhanced Stability Tech (VEST), an electronic stability control system that’s standard on all Volvo VNX versions. By continuously monitoring working parameters, VEST finds impending lack of management, jackknife, or rollover occasions. The machine reduces engine torque and applies braking to assist the driver maintain the truck track The Volvo VNX string has automotive-quality LED headlights that make abundant glowing mild to boost visibility. Automated light and rain-sensing wipers will also be readily available to boost security.

A dash-top tray with multiple USB and 12V relations provides a safe, convenient house for a motorist’s lots of gadgets, which may also be linked to the optional in-dash infotainment program. In perspective, the sterile, symmetrical design and diffused , lighting of the device cluster makes it easy to read, reducing fatigue and eyestrain.
The dashboard on the VNX has been optimized to reduce diversion by demonstrating the crucial information a specialist driver needs at a quick glance and by grouping frequently used controls in easy reach. A configurable, five-inch color driver information display with enhanced graphics functions with steering system wheel-mounted controls providing key operating information, as well as the capacity to pick your favourite diagnostic data.

“The newest VNX is a heavy-haul work tool for demanding tasks, and it gives professional drivers a more comfortable working environment for doing at their best,” said Stadler. “The workspace was designed for maximum productivity and comfort, while the sleeper was designed to offer drivers a calm, relaxed space for their hours off the road.”

All of Volvo VNX versions are together with Volvo’s factory-installed connectivity hardware to get use of Remote Diagnostics, which offers proactive diagnostics and tracking of motor engine transmission and aftertreatment difficulty codes. The identical hardware also enables clients to do applications and parameter updates over-the-air with Remote Programming, that can help improve uptime and automobile efficiency, while decreasing downtime expenses.

VAS agents track crucial auto codes and proceed beyond diagnostic technologies to provide technical answers. When an issue is discovered, VAS representatives will evaluate the seriousness and offer the car’s designated contact with technical advice to ascertain whether to maintain working the vehicle or require it to get prompt support. All details out of the support process are recorded and monitored via ASIST, Volvo’s internet service direction and communication system. This offers the motorist, client contact and trader real time visibility into case status, fix scheduling, and components and service bay accessibility. VAS brokers also facilitate remote Programming upgrades.